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End of Days Part 2 (War of Gog and Magog)

End of Days Part 2


Thousands of years ago the biblical sages of the Torah predicted a wave of assimilation by the Jewish people close to the period that the sages foresaw their return to their biblical homeland in Israel after a lengthy and bitter exile. Following this wave of assimilation the sages predicted a mass Holocaust of the Jewish people following this Holocaust they predicted the Jews would return to their homeland which would be given to them as a gift by the leaders of the world. Sadly this spiritual deterioration was predicted to continue after their repatriation in the holy land. This was predicted to be followed by a number of wars.. Following a war with Iraq they predicted a war between the West and Iran, this would spark an enormous conflict in the Middle East with Israel at the centre of this conflict, which would culminate in the war to end all wars, The War of Gog Umagog. God warned the Jewish people that if they did not return to the Biblical Torah laws He would turn the United Nations against Israel led by a mighty leader who was predicted will to be president of th world's greatest superpower. During this war weapons of mass destruction would be used with giant sized weapons resembling enormous arrows that would be guided by an inner intelligence or programming. They foretold of the war lasting 12 minutes which would leave only a third of the world alive. During this war it is said that it will be impossible to distinguish between day and night due to the thick black coating that will cover the world's skies. The war will be fought over who will own the Jerusalem and the parts of Israel that were won by the Israelis during their many wars since statehood. At the point of being surrounded by literally over 140 nations and threatened with total extermination the Jewish people are predicted to return to G-d during that war from which they will be saved by many miracles. The terrible war sages tell us does not have to happen on that if we choose to come back to G0d of our own free will we will not be forced to in a horrible way.



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