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BS"D Rabbi Avraham Sutton's latest book entitled "Spiritual Technology" explains the purpose of life from the point of view of Kaballah.



The Torah Codes and 2012, a Documetary

ATorah code documentary is being planned. The purpose of the documentary is to help us recognize that there are mysteries in the world that cannot be explained by ordinary mechanistic explanations. One of these mysteries are the Torah codes of which there are many illustrations on this website. Another mystery is the Mayan civilization, their writing, their culture, their astronomical observations, and their various calendars. Here we discuss some of the amazing coincidences, that are really not coincidences, involving the various people having roles in the planning and making of the documentary. To read the short description of who all the people are, you may view the power point presentation.

For more information, visit the official website of the Torah Codes .




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