Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi

Divine Information

A new video by Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi that will answer common questions about G-d and the purpose of life in this world.

The movie Divine Information was produced in 2002 by Rabbi Yosef Mizrahi & Yuval Ovadia. The director, Yuval Ovadia volunteered and invested many hours in the preparation of the movie in order to benefit the public.

Yuval & Rabbi Yosef were introduced in a Lecture which Rabbi Yosef had in Manhattan approximately one year prior to the production of the movie. Following that lecture, Yuval has made some realizations of his lifestyle and decided to become closer to Judaism. Yuval has decided to quit his successful career as Movie Director at HBO and immigrated to Israel to learn Judaism. A few months later, Rabbi Yosef Mizrahi arrived in Israel to give a few lectures there. One of the lectures was recorded and produced into the movie Divine Information.



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